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Friday, 24 February 2017

Gmail 2-Step Verification Process: How to Turn On/Turn Off

Gmail 2-Step Verification: Gmail is the most using email service by the people across the world, It has gained whooping updates from the developers as well as people. It is a free service provided by the Google for its users If you are going to access your Gmail account with failed security. Just go with Gmail 2-Step Verification which is working quite excellent for everyone after allowing security to their account. So the question comes here how to Turn On Gmail Step-2 Verification and Turn Off Gmail Step-2 Verification, Read our complete tutorial.

Gmail 2-Step Verification Process: How to Turn On/Turn Off

Google Mail account can be utilized to get the access of the other Google products like Google+, Gmail, Youtube, etc. So on the Web, it can be quickly identified a blog or website is secured or not now it is made easier after identifying the HTTPS or HTTP. Our advice doesn't be lazy while operating your Gmail account, If you don't have it is easy one can create the Gmail account at in few minutes, read our Gmail Sign Up article for that.
Gmail 2 Step Verification
Also, we suggest you to keep tracking your login attempts and passwords it may be a nickname or birthday date or some personal things. Be careful while placing passwords. Google will always keep tracking your Gmail account logins, It will report to the verification and just in case any suspicious logins, Still, if you feel something is wrong, Get clarity that your account is not being hacked or create a further protection level using Gmail 2-Step.

Remember that your Gmail account will be hacked whenever you logged into your Inbox using an email that you find any catchy offer, example '90% Discount on iPhone'. So don't go with such emails it will be redirected to your Gmail Login Page, If at all you enter your credentials on the fake page, Get ready to face severe consequences. Prevention for this goes like Gmail 2-Step Verification.

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How to turn ON Gmail 2-Step Verification?

When you enables your 2-Step Verification, It is like added layer for your account to provide security. When you turn on 2-Step Verification, you will receive a code to your phone. Using that code you can use for logging to Inbox.
2-step-verification Turn On
  • Go to 2-Step Verification page, Sign In to your Google account
  • Now click on 'Get Started.'
  • Follow the step by step process to setup 2-Step layer for your account.
  • Now you need to verify your mobile number to sync the account, Google will send OTP to the registered mobile number which you need to enter in the field of confirmation. 
  • Enter the OTP on the Next
  • Recheck your mobile number before you go for confirming
  • From now when you go to login into your Gmail Account your mobile will receive an OTP always, Recheck your settings and add backup phone numbers.
  • Naturally, you need to enter the code and get access to your inbox

How to turn OFF Gmail 2-Step Verification?

If you are planning to Turn Off 2-Step Verification Code, You will be asked for a password when you Sign into your Gmail account. 
  • Visit My Account
  • Go to 'Sign-in & Security,' Click on Signing in to Google
  • Now select App passwords, which you would like to re-enter
  • Now Revoke on device or application 

Remember that you need to reauthorize the applications Like you did before turning on 2-Step Verification. 
Share: | Gmail Login | Sign In | Create Gmail Account Gmail is the most using email service which has demand in terms of communication, Most of the people are working with Google mail which turned as their primary communication this Gmail can be accessed on mobile, Desktop or Phablet anywhere. Today Techno world is growing rapidly, Everyone is looking forward towards best email service provider. For them, Google developed Gmail, It is a free webmail service platform that became handy for everyone online. No need to worry one can easily get a Gmail Account after reading out this tutorial. Gmail Sign In | How to Create Gmail Account:

All these features are available on one platform, it is the official homepage of Gmail. If you are not having a Google mail account, Follow below mentioned steps carefully.

  • Now after visiting the Homepage search for Create an Account, it will take you to a New page where you will find few blanks need to be filled like Name, Choose your username, create a password, confirm your password, Birthday, Gender, mobile phone, Current email address, Location. 
  • After the completion of filling these blanks click on Next Step.
Create Gmail Account

  • You can save the email address for the future purpose. Using, this Gmail account you can YouTube, Blogger any other Google services. Login:

In order to login into Gmail account, directly go to and using your login credentials and passwords one can go to the inbox of the email account. It has become the first priority for professionals, individuals, and enterprises. In this post, we made features If you are looking for Gmail Sign In? Ultimately this post is made for you, what you need to do is use this post and go through with patience and read this piece apparently.

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Google brought this service for the people who are working on email globally, Gmail was initially started during the year 2004, from then developers started updating the features. For a new user Google is offering free Storage Space, Still one can extend their storage space. Gmail is ruling the email service world, It is holding the billion of active users across the world.

Gmail turned into user-friendly, It has good features, Here are the few features:
  • Send and Receive emails at any instant, Get access to them at one place.
  • This account can be used on any of the social bookmarking sites
  • It can be used by a company, people, and organizations and start promoting businesses and products keep tracking the stats.
  • Filter the suspicious emails or Malware at which will be available at spam box.
  • Don't excite there are many features, One can send the text messages for free, Make video calls.
  • Using Gmail account join into the Google hangouts which are a secured type of communication and get connected with your colleagues, friends and family members.
  • Using Search feature filter thousands of emails at inbox, 
During the past days, it turned quiet harder for individual to get an invitation of the Gmail, Days passed Google made it easier in creating an account, 

Gmail Help:

Gmail helpline and Support is available 24/7 to solve the problems or issues that are facing by the users, One can get in touch with Gmail blog and get updates of other Google products like Google+, Google Drive, and Google+ Photos. 

Gmail brought Gmail 2-Step verification for its users, It is like added layer for your account to provide security. When you turn on 2-Step Verification, you will receive a code to your phone. Using that code you can use for logging to Inbox.

Gmail Login Problems at

Still, if you are facing any issue with, You can add your query in the commenting section, We will get you soon with the unique solution.

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Gmail Email Login: Nowadays Gmail turned as a primary communication service for sending and receiving the Electronic emails earlier it used to take few days to receive or to send a mail or message. So we made this post to help the people who are using this Gmail service provided by Google. One can get the information of Sign Up here as well as the steps that are required during the Gmail Email Login process.

Gmail Email Login: How to Sign Up Into Gmail Account?

Gmail Sign Up

Overview on Gmail Sign Up and Gmail Account Login:

This article is made to help the Google mail users who are missing their email address and can get accurate information of Gmail Account Login and use the free services provided by Google. It is just a few steps ahead. It is always easy to create a Gmail Account in few minutes. These days Google mail has been turned into a grave and prestigious one.

Most of the people use this Google Mail as their primary way of communication to acheive the group goals together. So we recommend everyone to use this free communicating service that became handy in the recent time compared to old days. To use this email one should follow these simple tutorial on Gmail Sign Up and use the service freely without any hassle. 

Gmail Sign Up Process:

  • To begin go to the main page of and move the pointer to 'Create Account'
  • Now you will be taken to a webpage where you will see personal details like First Name or Last Name and other personal data be bold that you have entered accurate details to avoid the futurate problems
  • Create a unique username even you will be given few ideas while creating the username
  • Now enter password of your account
  • Fill the rest blanks with your Date of Birth, Gender, and mobile number, If you have any business email address you can enter here for the revocery purposes
  • With this step almost you are done with creating the Gmail account.
  • Get ready to enable the Skip the Verification
  • Now mark the 'I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy'. It is mandatory for the new user who are creating a Gmail profile first time
  • Now click on Next Step, Verify your mobile phone
  • Click on Next Step, Further you can create profile page and Profile picture and tap on Next Step.
  • Don't worry you can do them later.
  • Finally, you need to click where "Next Step, Gmail."
With this, you are done in creating the simple process, Welcome to the Google family use the Gmail services often when you want them. Gmail turned as the best tool for the communication informal. So you can suggest your mate who is not having Gmail Account. Create an account and feel new things which are coming live frequently.

Gmail Email Login Process:

  • EcualĂ­zate and uses email service complete with millions of users online. Sign up and change to Gmail that features a unique and modern system. 
  • Visit, Keep your username with you 
  • It is very simple to work with Gmail after writing your login details like username and password also aware that you have whether accessed Upper Case or Lower Case
  • Click Login using enter option
  • After entering the required information, you can use the other services that are provided by Gmail.
  • Gmail has brought you the customize of your inbox as the way you are looking for, further one can add the contacts to the chat.
Also, a registered user of can get access to other services made by the Google company, For more features keep visiting our blog frequently.

Gmail proved itself that it is providing useful services so that user can use it for the daily life purposes of the computer, telephone and internet tablet with this communicating medium. One can get access to this service on Smartphones, PC, and Tablets as well. Millions are getting touch with this service. If you find any problems during the Gmail Sign Up process login to One individual can work with Multiple Gmail accounts at one place.

Even developers brought an application for the Smartphone users which is compatible with iPhone or iPad with iOS 6, and it works smoothly on  Windows Phone and on Windows Phone 8.1. Most of the people will be using Third Party Gmail applications on Android. Few will use Thunderbird or Outlook. 

Still, if you face any difficulty you can join the Gmail Blog or contact the Gmail Help & Support.
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